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We are linking the continents and

firmly believe in our success!

Striving for success means winning! By creating a company in the exhibition industry, we relied only on success, bearing in mind the famous saying "Think like a winner, and you will win!". We went to the market during hard times. Development of the modern exhibition business demanded its members to shape new marketing, innovative and creative approaches and solutions. Corresponding to them means not only to be a trend, but to be a step ahead.

The high level of professionalism, the first-class quality of service and a strong position in the market are the results of tremendous work, of a long and painstaking path. With the success of the company’s customers, the achievements of the Russian business and the formation and growth of the Russian economy, the scope of functions of the company was increasing, new marketing goals were being set and the range of the company’s activities was changing. Expanding of the activity areas led to the formation of individual projects and branches, and as a result, the group of companies "Inconnect" was established.

More than 15 years history of the Group "INCONNECT" as the exhibition operator includes projects that were highly recognized at the international level. However, we are moving ahead. We have always strived for new heights in our professional work and we have always wanted our success to become the success of our partners.

The exhibition business is rightly seen as the flagship of the national economy. We are presenting national achievements in the framework of the international projects and we are aware of their role in the achievement of common goals: to shape abroad a decent image of Russia through exhibitions.

We are convinced that each exhibition, as well as other events of the same scale (forums, conferences, trade fairs) are unique. Each of them requires customized solutions. Our task is to offer customers and clients such solutions.

Our company is open for cooperation with everyone who appreciate experience, professionalism and efficiency in tasks performance, as well as the committed team.

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